'I wish to capture what is behind what I see'  Takeshi Shikama

With my artwork I try to define a new approach and vision to the sheer aesthetics of landscapes and nature. I want to reverse and refresh the timeless perspective of imagination in order to make the underlying visible.

I perceive landscape as a physical space where one can linger, but also as a mental space, as poetic consciousness. My paintings, photographs and video works are all about atmosphere in nature, what transcends it and the longing to be absorbed by it.

I look for a place and a state of being in which the boundary between myself and the environment fades. I experience the connection that arises with nature as something magical. The atmosphere, smell and sound lead to intimacy and stillness.

Phenomena that fascinate me have a layeredness in them, from which I deduce new, more abstract images.

'Place is more than a location. It implies some mix of memory, sensual experience and interpretation'
Robert Macfarlane


Petra Dekker studied Monumental Design and Painting at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. She also followed an international postgraduate training in autonomous art at ArtEZ, University of the Arts.
She has exhibited her work regularly and her photographs and paintings are represented in various private collections internationally.